Blood Bowl-a-rama #9 – Zombie incursion

January 9, 2012

I’ve been painting like crazy lately. Our 2012 Blood Bowl league has kicked off, and the Drakwald Ravens have already faced off against the Lustrian Swamp Shamans. I managed to field an almost fully painted team, but still have two half-finished models to go. The main step my painted team took forward was me painting six zombies in pretty much two evenings. I pretty much used my basic zombie recipe, and I think it worked fine here. As usual, flat colours only for the “uniforms”.

So here we go, new additions to the lineup: Martin Eyedigger, Friedrich Dark-Engels, Immortal Kant, Gore Marx, Gut-lob Frege and Hurt Gödel. Of these guys poor Marx and Gödel never made it past their first match and Frege is yet to make an appearance.

Click for a larger version

While we’re talking about the match, man…it was for me Blood Bowl at its worst. Or no, not really, so let me rephrase that. It was a good game of Blood Bowl, with my luck at its worst. Let me just put it this way: the most amazing moment of the match was poor Ludwig Wightenstein missing a trivial block against a weaker opponent, going down on a roll of double skulls, re-rolling those into another set of double skulls and receiving a shattered hip permanent injury. I should at this point note that the probability of such a chain of events is considerably less than 1/100 000. Needless to say, my opponent Joonas (of Dusty Gamer) had a field day.

To use a quaint expression, the lizards tore me a new one. A whole bunch of new ones, actually.

Oh well. At least my team is pretty. In a ghoulish, dead sort of way.


  1. Ahh, double skulls re-rolled to double skulls, the memories. It should really almost never happen, but I have seen it many times. Ugh.

    To my mind Blood Bowl definitely promotes Stockholm Syndrome (as your choice of Orc and Undead teams also bears out somewhat 🙂 ). My sympathies.

    How many figures will the Ravens consist of when you are finished? A group shot will be nice when they are all done.


    • Thanks for the sympathy, it’s much appreciated. The Ravens will consist of a grand total of 14 miniatures eventually. I’ll be sure to photo them once they’re done!


  2. nice conversions


    • Thanks juck! Actually, they aren’t conversions but Mantic zombies straight out the box.


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