From the painting desk #13

January 5, 2012

Yes! My Hürn from Heresy (see the Predator review for more info) is finally finished, after sitting half-painted on my desk for ages. Seriously, I’ve written on July 14, 2011:

Here are my Predators, sans the wonderful Hürn from Heresy, who sits almost finished on my painting desk.

Weird how you sometimes just hit a wall with a particular miniature, even if it isn’t annoying to paint. For some reason this happened with the Hürn. As usual, once I finished it I was left wondering what was so difficult. It’s a neat model, and turned out just fine!

Painted Hurn Headtaker

Click for a larger version

This version of the Hürn has unfortunately sold out. I’m considering buying the new, helmeted variant for different weapon options. As if I didn’t have enough Predators already.


  1. Ooooh, thats very nice. I have heard that the Hurn is quite large: hoe does it scale up with Copplestone and the huge Horroclix preds?

    Great painting. I think that I said this the last time that you showed some predators, but I think that your painting level has gone up. Predators seem to get your creative juices flowing, even if it sometime takes a while to complete.


    • Thanks Paul! The Hürn is indeed a big one! I haven’t got any HorrorClix Preds, but he towers over the Copplestone ones. Check out the Predator review, there are lots of size comparisons there (Copplestone and HC Aliens probably being the most relevant here).

      I guess the Predators really get me going. I’m thinking of getting to work on the Predastore stuff, but they’re so detailed that it’s even a bit intimidating.


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