Blood Bowl-a-rama #4

December 2, 2011

I’m happy to report that our 2011 Blood Bowl league is over for me. No wait, that sounded wrong. What I meant is that I’m happy that I managed to get all my games played – the league itself will conclude in a sports spectacle on December 18. What makes me even more happy is that I managed to end my season on a high note, with the Naughty Grinders beating the Flagellants 2-1 in my final game. This brought my final score to 2-6-2 (wins-losses-draws) – not altogether horrible considering I’d never actually won a BB game before.

The final game was a great example of Blood Bowl – eventful, dramatic and luck played its part as well. There was a lot of gnashing of teeth on both sides of the table as rolls were stunningly failed. My definite favourite was me rolling two skulls (“attacking player goes down” for the uniniated) and then re-rolling the dice for another two skulls. This is, in fact, a 1/1296 chance. Of course it happened with my ball-carrying player a scant three squares away from the goal and on the final turn of the half. The amount of profanity spewed would’ve made your average teenager blush.

Playing Blood Bowl has been really fun, as it’s been nice to have some use for all those little plastic and metal collectibles that tend to accumulate around me. It has in fact been so much fun, that we’re already well on our way towards a new league, and what a league it promises to be! Three new players and at least five new races will be joining in. While the number of players will no doubt make the games a right bastard to schedule, I can still hardly wait for the league to kick off.

The Naughty Grinders will step back for the time being, as I will be fielding my new necromantic undead team, the Drakwald Ravens. A mix of a whole slew of different manufacturers’ models, I’ll detail them soon in a future post. I’ve also started work on a 3d pitch built out of blue foam. It’ll also be featured in the near future.

It’s great to get a miniature heat on once more.

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  1. […] in all I was more than pleased. My last season of Blood Bowl saw my orc team the Naughty Grinders finish with a 2-2-6 (wins-draws-losses) record from ten games, whereas this season the Drakwald Ravens managed a 4-5-5 […]


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