From the painting desk #12

April 13, 2011

I always paint on a black basecoat. I switched away from white maybe 10-12 years or so ago, and haven’t gone back since. Every now and then it’s fun to try something different, however, so I wanted to try painting over a white basecoat. A gift for a friend of mine provided a great chance. It’s the adorable Shetland pony from Hasslefree, which I painted using this picture of a Dales pony as a reference:

As the model is predominantly white-ish grey-ish brown-ish, it was a nice testing ground for washes. Apart from the tail, mane and dapple pattern, the model has been painted with GW Devlan mud, Gryphonne sepia and Badab black washes. I like how he turned out, and my friend thinks it’s the cutest miniature pony ever. Let me know what you think!


Click for a larger version


  1. Beautifully done, looks like something from a Norman Thelwell print http://www.thelwell.org.uk/


    • Thanks a lot. The Thelwell factor is there indeed!


  2. Nice work. How long did it take you from start to finish?


    • Thanks! It was a pretty quick job, two hours or so. Basically just waiting for the washes to dry.


  3. The miniature itself makes me crack a smile. For some reason it reminds me of Donkey from the Shrek movies. I especially like the brush work around the mouth/muzzle. Well done!


    • Thanks Tobbe! Now that you mention it, there is something Donkey-like in him. Might be the grin 😀


  4. Very good painting there Mikko, even if the model is a trifle “Thelwell”.


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