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July 15, 2010

My Aliens Space Hulk project is nearing completion. Here are the latest developments:


I’ve painted two more Colonial Marines, including my flamer conversion shown earlier. They’re shown below for your viewing pleasure.

Click for a larger version


If you’ve been following the project, you might know that I’ve been lacking replacements for the Lightning Claw armed Terminator as well as the Librarian. To remedy the situation, I ordered a few miniatures:

Auto loader with pilot from Prince August will be a nice replacement for the Lightning Claws. The inspiration for the model should be instantly apparent to anyone who’s seen Aliens. If you haven’t, shame on you. I’m intending to paint the loader in a similar scheme to my Marines, probably using the darkish, military green. I must note here, that I wasn’t too pleased with Prince August’s policy of a minimum order of 20 EUR (excluding postage). Eventually I had to top up my order by buying a bunch of Vallejo paints. I don’t really mind buying them, but I DO mind being forced to buy something.

Click for a larger version, picture © Prince August

Knuckles the inspector by Heresy miniatures is my solution to the Librarian problem. My replacement for the Librarian (psychic powers, close combat prowess, firepower) is a combat synthetic, also known as an android. The psychic powers with their blocking of corridors and area attacks are replaced with the synthetic activating defense systems, like sentry guns and such. To account for the shooting capacity, I’ll give my synth one of Hasslefree’s wonderful pulse rifles. Knuckles looks pretty kick-ass as-is, and with the addition of a pulse rifle, he should be imposing enough. While synthetics in combat roles don’t feature in the Alien franchise films, they are fairly prominent in the comics.

Image © Heresy, click to go to website

In other news

While I don’t really need them for Space Hulk, a few minis from Hasslefree were simply too nice to pass up on, so I’ll probably find a use for them. The first one is McKenzie and the second one is KJ. They might be my Colonial Marines’ pilots, come to think of it.

Image © Hasslefree, click to go to website

Image © Hasslefree, click to go to website

…and while we’re on the subject of non-SH miniatures, I finally succumbed to my desire to buy the Heresy Hurn that I’ve been oogling for quite a while. I’m sure I’ll find a use for him, especially after watching Predators, on which I’ll probably do a separate post.

Image © Heresy, click to go to website

And that fellow is a nice way to wrap up this post. Can’t believe I’m actually close to finishing a project, although better not celebrate just yet…


  1. Looking forward to seeing this project in action.
    I have one of these power loaders spare (or at least that I’ll never use) if you’re interested in getting a second drop me a note…
    That not-Predator looks pretty awesome, I’m going to try to resist!


    • Thanks for the comment, Donogh. I’ll keep that offer in mind! I’m planning to game Aliens/Predator/Colonial Marines using one rule system or the other, and additional powerloaders would probably come in handy.


  2. I’m glad to hear that the pieces are all falling in place.

    How about adding a little mission objective in the form of Newt: http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/pack.php?pack=762

    She could be saved and escorted, probably much like retrieving the artifact in Space Hulk.


  3. Cool to see that you have the finish line in sight Mikko, keep it up. My Aliens stuff status is static at the moment, due to more summery, outdoors-y pursuits. Its always the same at this time of year.

    For what its worth I called Prince August up and asked them to post me just one Powerloader (about €10 I think) a few months ago. They didnt mention the minimum order at all (although I am ordering from Ireland, not even an hour from the factory in fact) so maybe they factored that in. Worth a try next time.

    Knuckles looks like a great choice for a Bishop-on-steroids.

    To be honest I cant imagine calling an Aliens project complete without a Newt and the Hasslefree versions are of course top class. I got my C.A.T./Jones from MegaMinis…
    ( http://freeboardgamesnow.com/search.aspx?find=cat )
    …in case you are wondering. A cheap, easy to paint and fun addition to any Aliens/Space Hulk set I think.


    • Tsk tsk Paul, stop with the healthy outdoors stuff, and get back to your painting desk! I just got a new tattoo made, so that’s pretty much keeping me indoors. Not to mention the heat, which is stifling whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

      The Bishop-on-steroids is very much what I had in mind, so good to see that at least someone thinks I nailed it. And I think you’re right about Newt and Jones, going to pick those up as well.


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