From the painting desk #5

July 10, 2010

This post was supposed to be about my two latest Colonial Marines. Thanks to the massive heat wave here in Finland (the weather’s around 25-30 in the shade, which is insane) my spray varnish simply doesn’t work, as it dries too quickly. Luckily enough, I didn’t do any lasting damage to my minis – I hope – but until I can get my hands on some good old painted-on matt varnish, the Marines will have to wait. Gloss varnished stuff is a bugger to photograph!

This mishap, however, made for a perfect opportunity to post a few minis that I’ve wanted to showcase. I’ve been painting some fantasy miniatures for our now sadly defunct Pathfinder RPG campaign. The models below are  Edward Dumond and Damien, Hellborn wizard, both from Reaper. As I’m not painting them for myself, but for a friend, I’ve painted them to a higher standard than usual. If only I had the patience to put that much effort in every mini I paint! Anyway, if the campaign ever makes a comeback, we’ll have the minis for it.

Edward Dumond

Click for a larger version

Tiefling sorcerer

Click for a larger version

Both miniatures made for interesting painting work, and in my opinion they’re some of the best paintjobs I’ve ever managed. While the bases are my bland standard ones, such neutral basing was specifically requested.


  1. They look nice. The guy with the hat reminds me a bit of the old Warhammer Quest Imperial Noble.



    • Oh, that mini brings back a lot of memories. Mostly of being 15 and reading nothing but White Dwarf and WHFB army books. Those were the days!


  2. Very nice painting. I really like the bright colours of Dumond, also the more subtle look of Damien looks relly good. Great work on these.

    Damn heat, it’s too hot to really do anything..


    • Thanks Vesa, coming from you that’s quite a compliment. The heat is indeed a killer, should be really heavy thunder today, too.


  3. I’ve had my eye on some of the Reaper minis (waiting for my move to the states before ordering though) for a while now and you have really done that Damien model justice! Great job!


    • Thanks for the comment, Jules! I’ve ordered my Reaper stuff mainly through eBay, there are European sellers, so the postage isn’t a killer.


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