God save the Queen

June 20, 2010

DotL has been awfully quiet for a while, due to my summer job and the football World Cup. As much as I love zombies and miniatures, the World Cup is played only once every four years (bit like WHFB for me) and as such takes precedence over everything else in my spare time. Enough with excuses, on with the post.

In an unashamed moment of “look at what I’ve got”, I must display my latest purchase for my Aliens/Predator/Marines project. I got tipped off on Frothers about a collectable, OOP vinyl Alien Queen Gashapon model that’s of suitable size for 28mm gaming. Naturally I went looking for one right away, and managed to google one in a minute or two. I found it here, but it was the only copy. Sorry ’bout that. At around 25 EUR it was a tad pricey, but I think it was well worth it. It’s an impressive model, big and imposing. The queen sits on a display base which is far too big for my needs, so I’m still thinking of a good basing solution to make the model fit a game of Space Hulk. We shall see.

The model is pre-painted with a nice metallic colour scheme, but I think I’ll re-paint it, since I have a bit of an aversion to use anything pre-painted. Just doesn’t feel like my stuff if I don’t paint it. See the photos below for more detail, as well as size comparison. Sorry about the poorish and incosistent photos, the big model is an absolute bitch to photograph with my small setup. Click on photos for larger versions.

The Queen in all her glory

A smile and a wave for the cameras

"Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all..." the Queen with an em4 Marine for size comparison

The Queen with a Horrorclix Alien for size comparison

In other news, the project is still going strong. I’ve painted a few more Marines, so I only need three more to finish my two squads. Throw in a synth to represent the Librarian and a power loader to replace the Lightning Claw terminator, and I’ve got Space Hulk covered.


  1. Stunningly beautiful!


  2. Thats a really cool Queen model, nice and big. Gashapons can turn out all sorts of cool stuff. I have about ten or so gasahpon kaiju (Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera, Mechagodzilla etc) and the detail and painting on them is fantastic.

    I based my Horrorclix Alien Queen last week with plans to use it in Space Hulk. I used a 60mm base and marked it out with a grid pattern that corresponds with the square sizes used in Space Hulk.

    It looks good and I think that it will work well in game terms. I can take a quick WIP photo of it if you are interested 🙂


    • Please do! WIP shots are always welcome.


  3. […] at Dawn of the Lead has been making a lot more progress on his identical project here.  His latest addition of a very nice looking Alien Queen that came from a gashapon toy is in need […]


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