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June 3, 2010

Just a very quick post to show off the model I’ll be using to represent the SH sergeant armed with the Thunder hammer/Storm shield combo. Basically it means that the sergeant is rock hard in hand to hand combat, and doesn’t carry a regular gun. To represent this in my Alien Space Hulk project I gave the sergeant a shotgun and no pulse rifle. Like the previous Colonial Marine stuff, this was another simple and brutal conversion.

First I took the Copplestone Castings model (from the FW35 Trooper Officers pack) on the left and crunched off the pulse rifle she was carrying, as well as the hand holding it. This was a rather messy affair, since about half of the rifle is attached to her leg.

Next I cut a shotgun-holding arm from Heresy at the wrist, and superglued it to the sergeant’s wrist stump. I lost the stock of the shotgun doing this, but it suited me just fine since a pistol-grip shotgun was what I was after. After this I just used greenstuff to fill all the nasty gaps and gashes resulting from the cutting work. I’m happy with the end result, and really like the fact that I have a kick-ass female sergeant leading one of my squads. It fits nicely with the Alien saga’s theme of tough female heroes as well.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

One comment

  1. According to the Colonial Marines Technical Maunal the ratio of men to women in the Colonial Marines is 1:2.6.

    Not that that really matters one jot, but it is cool to have a nice spread of female miniatures in Colonial Marine squads, just so that they can be “mistaken for a man”. The strong female sarge fits very nicely. She will be an animal in the game too, leathering Aliens left, right and centre.

    Thats the nicest miniature from that pack too. n Its almost a pity to have cut it up. Lovely, lovely Copplestone figures, mmm.


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