Zombie Outbreak Simulator

December 14, 2009

Here’s a bit of zombie fun for all you fans of the undead. Binary Space is a Flash game developer, and they’re working on a game called Class 3 Outbreak, with a release coming in early 2010. Rather cleverly using Google Maps, the game is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, where the player uses a meagre police force to try and stop a vicious zombie outbreak.

Binary Space have already released the Zombie Outbreak Simulator, which is a sandbox game previewing Class 3 Outbreak. It’s simple and fun. Just set the number of zombies, the infection time, the number of armed civilians and policemen etc, and watch zombies consume Washington DC.  Despite it’s simplicity, it’s strangely attractive and addictive. I often found myself filling in small narratives, such as when a very industrious policeman put down around 50 zombies in the streets of a residential area, or when a bunch of zombies stormed a baseball field full of people. I also particularly liked my own  28 Days Later scenario, in which I set the zombies’ speed to “very fast” and the infection time to 1 second. Fun was had.

Click on the link below to try out the simulator.


By the way, I noticed that my ad-blocking software for Firefox blocked the game (not really surprising, there is a lot of ad content along with the game), so you might need to disable yours on the game page, or at least create a filter exception.


  1. Very cool. But haven’t the Zeds already consumed Washington DC a long time ago?


    • So it would seem. Maybe some actual, undead zombies would be a welcome change?


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