Hired Hitmen by Foundry – a review

December 12, 2009

My Underworld project is giving me ample opportunity to review all the lovely new models I’ve bought, and next up is a pack of heavily armed gunmen, namely Foundry’s Street Violence pack Hired Hitmen. As some of you may know, I’m using these minis as modern vampires, giving them the trademark black clothing and very pale skin.

Like all of Foundry’s Street Violence packs, there are five models – in this case one female and four males. Sculpting is nice overall, with good and characterful facial detailing, flowing trench coats and solid posing. There is just one problem.

I don’t usually complain a lot about my miniatures. Like most sensible people, I buy models that I like so there’s usually not that much to fault. That’s the case here, too, except for the atrocious mould lines on these miniatures. While I’m not averse to spending a bit of time to file and screape off mould lines and such, on these models it was a chore. I must’ve spent between 10-20 minutes on each of them with a selection of knives and files to get them to a paintable state and even then I had to (read: ran out of patience) leave some lines on in hard to reach places and on hair in places. The moulds have apparently been very misaligned, and if these hadn’t come from a trusted seller in an official Foundry blister pack, I’d seriously be suspecting a recaster. Then again this isn’t by far the first time I’ve received faulty castings from Foundry, as miniatures almost regularly arrive with missing thumbs or gun barrels, or with my favourite: a mould line with thick flash running right across a model’s face. It’s a shame that such wonderful models are let down by sloppy casting.

With that off my chest, it’s on with the miniatures!

Model #1 – Gabriel wears a suit under a long trenchcoat. His pose suggests that he’s either keeping watch or moving towards a corner, holding what seems to be a G36assault rifle. The model is ok, but it’s exactly that. Ok, nothing fancy nor too characterful.

Model #2 – Ivor Trobsky carries a light machine gun, and wears a fur-lined trenchcoat over his suit, meaning that he could probably be painted as the most heavily armed pimp ever. The model is pretty static, however, and the copy I received has an awful mold misalignment screwing his head up somewhat.

Model #3 – Valerian is cool. The combination of shades, four long braids of hair and a massive arsenal (an AK47, an MP5K and a grenade launcher. Yes, a grenade launcher.) somehow make her seem, I don’t know..unstable? She certainly looks like she could level a city block. She wears a sweater like Leon’s under a business suit.

Model #4- Leon looks somewhat menacing (or like an evil wargamer) with his bald head, moustache and beard combination. He’s leaning slightly forward and to the side, indicating either movement or just a very aggressive posture. He carries an MP5 with a silencer attached, and wears a ribbed turtleneck sweater under his coat. Leon just might be my favourite in the pack, although it’s a close race with the next guy in line.

Model #5 – Ian McIntyre has the appearance of an elegant gentleman, with a suit and an executive haircut. Combine this with a sniper rifle, and you have a classic modern day assassin. Ian’s competing with Leon for the title of nicest model in pack.

Like all Street Violence packs, Hired Hitmen costs €17.15, which amounts to a little under €3.50 per model. It’s not that bad a price for quality wares, but since in this case the quality was dubious, I’d have been pretty disappointed had I not happened to buy these for the measly price of €6.50 for the whole pack.

Overall verdict: These people appear to be solid professionals. Their business-like attire attests to this, as well as their fairly heavy and sophisticated weaponry. While I use them as Underworldish vampires, there’s a ton of other uses for them as well. As the name suggests, they’re excellent as hitmen, but could serve as organised crime or corporate operatives just as easily. However, if  you have a chance to pick these up in person, do so and check the casting quality to spare you from the chore of crunching through tons of mouldlining.

As I’ve mentioned before, Foundry has some pretty terrible fixed p&p rates, so you’ll probably get these cheaper from a retailer. The German MiniaturicuM is a good choice for EU residents.

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