FU-UK Zombies now available

November 3, 2009

The web community Frothers Unite! UK (FU-UK for short) hosted a sculpting competition earlier this year, with the ever-so-lovely theme of  “Zombie Apocalypse”. The winning – as well as runner-up  – entries are now available for purchase at the FU-UK web shop. These are all great sculpts, with two of the three winners sculpted by Sylvain Quirion. The sets are dirt cheap as well, with the winners set costing £7 and the runners-up set costing £18. Both prices include international p&p. You also have the option to purchase both sets for £25 and receive a special zombiefied version of Col. Marbles, FU-UK’s…Colonel.

Seriously, you have no reason whatsoever not to buy these, so click on the images below for more information!

FU-UK winners

FU-UK runners-up


  1. Wow, these minis got so much detail! I couldn’t resist but to buy the whole enchilada. It’s too easy to use paypal….


    • I know exactly what you mean 😀


  2. Thanks for the heads up on these figures, Mikko. I too have ordered the Undead Enchillada set. Well, how could I resist?


  3. […] entry didn’t make the podium, I was more than happy to not only buy the winning sets but also pimp them. Actually receiving the miniatures turned out to be a bit more difficult than ordering them, with […]


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