Left 4 Dead 2 demo out

October 29, 2009

The Left 4 Dead 2 demo is now playable to people who have preordered it. That would not include me, with my poorly student budget. I can, of course, console myself with the following trailer/opening demo for the game.

And man oh man, that is some sweet stuff. To the people that created the atrocious – and appropriately named – Resident Evil: Degeneration movie: This is how you do CGI zombie action. Oh, and this is how you do dialogue as well. Oh, and characters.

If only we could get a feature-length film of this.


  1. So are they going to release left4dead 2 demo for those who arent sure they want to buy the game i thought that was the point in a demo. You play the demo to see if its worth buying you dont buy the game and get a demo to pass the time while u wait for the full game to be released.


    • Yes, they’re releasing the public demo on November 3rd. The earlier release to those that preordered was just a nice gesture on their part.


  2. The left 4 dead 2 demo is fun-tastic, but, as with the L4D demo, quite short! I’ve played it over and over again. I had a sinking feeling I was going to be “eh” with it because it’s basically left 4 dead wrapped up in a shiny new package… so I felt like I’d get bored with it kinda quick.. but.. no! Same concept.. awesome new game!


    • Agh, I guess I’m going to have to get it then. And here I was, waiting for people to say that the new one’s crap…as if that would happen. Hello, L4D2! Goodbye, face to face social life!


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