Dead Rising 2

April 29, 2009

There aren’t too many games about zombies. Sure, they appear in every other first person shooter as generic enemies, but actual genre games are in short supply, especially if you don’t take into account little Flash games such as Last Stand. Disappointingly the excellent game of zombie mall mayhem, Dead Rising, only appeared on Xbox 360, despite all the rumours about a PC version. Apparently Capcom listened to gamers – the PC game market probably had nothing to do with it – and the appropriately named sequel Dead Rising 2 will appear on the PC as well. The sequel is set in a very Las Vegasy setting called Fortune City, with the zombie epidemic running wild throughout the US. The last thing to combine Las Vegas and zombies was the movie Resident Evil Extinction, so the bar really isn’t set very high.

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

Check out the over-the-top trailer with the world’s most hilarious zombie-killing headgear here.

I can hardly wait. This just might be the most zombie fun on the PC since Left 4 Dead.


  1. For what its worth, Dead Rising was also released on the original XBox. I am unsure if it ever appeared on 360 actually.

    “Dead Rising: Chop til you Drop”, a slightly updated version of the original game was released on Wii about two months ago. I am currently a couple of hours into it.


    • You’re probably right about the Xbox/Xbox 360 thing. Being a PC & PS2 gamer, the world of Xbox is a mystery and I even left it ungoogled.


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