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Z War One – Extraction

August 26, 2013
Click for a larger version - image © ill Gotten Games

Click for a larger version – image © ill Gotten Games

I recently came across this fun little video promoting an upcoming zombie themed boardgame with mighty tasty looking miniatures, Z War One. From the description on the official site:

Z War One is a miniatures-based survival horror board game. It blends tactical sci-fi shooting with classic RPG elements in an interactive comic book format.

Players take control of one of the game’s 4 main protagonists for the duration of a 6 chapter issue, completing missions to gain experience points which they may then either save, or spend developing their character. The player with the highest number of experience points at the end of the last chapter is the issue winner. Gameplay swings between co-operative and competitive as players work together to overcome insurmountable odds only to betray their teammates at the final hour in a bid for personal glory.

The boxed game contains issue one, with each subsequent comic book acting as an expansion pack, continuing the story and introducing new monsters, heroes & environments.

Sounds delicious! Anyway, while the video doesn’t bring much new to the table, it’s a nice piece of low budget zombie film. It makes you wonder why game companies don’t use more live action films to promote their product, as for me this worked a treat. It made me not only check out their site, but make a blog post about it as well.

After seeing that, you might as well go see their official site. There’s apparently a Kickstarter on the way.


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