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Great rack

April 5, 2014

While cleaning up my painting desk, I got to thinking that one of these ‘paint racks’ that everyone seems to be talking about could be a good purchase. With pre-cut mdf popping up everywhere, I went looking. Happily I didn’t have to look very far before I ran into a great review of paint racks available from the Miniaturicum website. The review was enough to sell me on the rack, so I suggest you go and read it. In fact I was going to review it myself, but with a solid review (that I agree with 100%) existing already, I figured it wasn’t worth writing. Go check the review out, it’s well written and describes everything you need to know about the rack.

The rack arrived from Germany to Finland in less than a week and with clear and easy instruction assembly took me roughly under 10 minutes. It’s sturdy, neat and houses 72 paint bottles. I especially like the shelf design, as I use a variety of paint brands and I can fit all of them easily on the rack. With taxes and shipping it set me back a little under 33 EUR, so while not cheap, it’s good value for money.

So, as a result of blogospheric marketing and German engineering, I’m now a proud owner of a lovely Farbständer. I definitely suggest buying one of these, if you’re looking for a way to organise your paints or make room on your desk. There are different designs avaible too. You can check them all out in the Miniaturicum webshop.

Below is a picture of my painting table now. I love how neat and organised it is, and how much space I now have to clutter…

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

As a final note I must apologise for the terrible pun in the post title. It was inevitable.

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