Hunting pirates #4 – Zachary Sallow

October 31, 2020

Despite starting a new project, I haven’t abandoned the previous one. This is the joy of interconnected projects, as you don’t really need to make tough choices on what to work on, with much of the stuff being useful in several projects. So, my pirate hunter mini project takes another step forward in the form of a gentleman of girth, or thicc boi in youthful speak.

The model is Zachary Sallow, from the game of fantastic history 1775 Join or Die by 3D Breed Miniatures. Originally a part of their Kickstarter, he’s now available as an individual model as well. 3D Breed has some great stuff available for printing, so I definitely recommend taking a look at their wares if you have access to a 3d printer. I printed this piece on my Anycubic Photon.

Zachary Sallow

Click for a larger version

Zachary Sallow

Click for a larger version

Sallow is a big brute of a man and the model is dashing forward in a wonderfully dynamic pose. The sculpt is simple and clean, and painting was straightforward. I kept tones pretty muted, with some extra pops from the reds and yellows. As a final touch I added a touch of red to his cheeks. He looks a bit like an insane baby doll, which I don’t mind at all.

My pirate hunters project is now over halfway through, with five more models to go!


  1. Great work as ever – you’ve done a really nice job on his face.

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    • Thanks Wudugast! He has a great expression, which helped with the painting. I think I actually managed to damage his chin while removing supports, so there might even be some milliput under there!

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  2. Great painting on this guy Mikko! Lush.

    Is that a 25mm base? I’m guessing so.

    Project tesselation is one of the pluses of reaching grognard final form, revel in it πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

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    • Thanks Paul! It is a 28mm base, so he’s a big mini. Not ogre-sized or anything, but maybe 1,5 or 2 times the chunkiness of a more regular mini. Almost reminds me of the Judge Dredd Fatties.

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  3. Very nice! πŸ™‚ A nice dynamic pose for a larger figure as well!

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    • Thanks John! Yeah, it’s nice that he’s not just sort of…looming, like these large minis often are. He looks dangerous!

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  4. Lovely job – he’s a hefty lad!! Nicely done mate πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    • Thanks Alex! Every project needs a bit of muscle, pirate hunting is no exception.

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  5. Nice work.



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  6. Nice work Mikko!

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  7. Love Sallow! Great work on his face especially

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    • Thanks! He did turn out looking fairly creepy, so I’m happy πŸ˜€

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