From the painting desk #63 – It’s…pirates!

March 30, 2019

Finally more painted pirates! These have been on the bench for a while, and they’re pretty much the first miniatures I’ve painted all year. While I’ve done some terrain building and painting, minis have fallen by the wayside a bit. This should be rectified shortly, as I’ve promised to paint up some stuff for Salute, and that’s exactly a week away.

Foundry maroon with Black Scorpion pirate

Click for a larger version

Another maroon from Foundry, I love these guys and I’ve painted a couple before. Simple, elegant sculpt, simple, not so elegant paintjob. It does the trick though! I asked Emmi to pick the colours, which was surprisingly fun. I notice myself going back to tried and true combinations of colours, which can mean things getting a bit samey – I can’t remember how many times I’ve used the combination of Vallejo Khaki and Vallejo Cayman Green. What can I say, they’re lovely, muted tones with awesome coverage.

The second one is a pirate from Black Scorpion, with a massive axe and some equally massive mutton chops. He’s somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Gibbs from theย Pirates of the Caribbean films, and I’m sure I’ve seen him used as a proxy somewhere. Funnily enough considering the previous paragraph, his vest is Vallejo Cayman Green and his trousers are Vallejo Khaki, what do you know!

I’m super stoked about going to Salute! It’s become a yearly tradition by now, and very much a social event and a great chance to meet all the lovely folks I’ve befriended over the years in this hobby. This year I’m looking forward to bumping into Alex of Leadballoony fame as well as spending time with the nice people from the Random Platypus forum. After Salute we’re heading up north for a hundred miles of hiking along the Pennine Way, which I’m possibly even more stoked about. This will likely mean that the blog will be dormant for a couple of weeks, although considering my rapid-fire posting, you won’t be able to tell any difference.


  1. Lovely pirates mate & I canโ€™t wait to say hi next week! Really jealous of your hiking trip too dude – that sounds amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks Alex! Looking forward to both seeing you and the hike, good times ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Totes jel.

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        • Soz.

          (So happy to finally get to use that)


  2. Great pirates! Have fun at Salute, I’m a bit jealous… Also, I might have found out how I can comment on your blog again, huzzah!

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    • Thanks Thomas! Brilliant news, how did you do it?


      • I have to comment via the WordPress Reader, if I try to comment directly on your blog, it doesn’t work.

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  3. Have fun at Salute! These pirates are, like your others, so subtly done and when you look at them they really pop. Nice colors! Really like these Mikko, youโ€™re a pirate master!

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    • Thanks so much for the kind words Mark!

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  4. Very nice figures! Enjoy Salute and the hiking! If you’re hiking the Pennines, Shap Abbey is worth a visit if you’re across that way, not least because one of the local farmers stocks up snacks and drinks in a big plastic weatherproof storage box and you leave your money in an honesty box!

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  5. MOAR pirates is a good thing in this context. They look lovely photographed against the terrain like that, very atmospheric.

    Enjoy Salute!

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    • Thanks Paul! I’d like to set up some more terrain shots like that, I break out my buildings etc far too rarely.


  6. I like the colours you and Emmi chose and the application is neat too. Aaargh, me hearties!

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    • Much thanks, TUG! More pirates on the way once we come back from the hike ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Hope you enjoyed salute mate. Love the minis, especially the big axe guy hehe.

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  8. Huh, I’m sure I replied to this post awhile back. Must have forgotten to hit “post” (which sadly is a thing for me sometimes). Both models look great, and credit to Emmi for choosing colours that do work well together. She’ll need to start painting with you next!

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    • Oh she’s actually already painted some minis, and she seems to be a natural. I’ll show off a mini of hers once the basing is finished! I’ll pass on the compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

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