Jolly good!

October 14, 2017

This is another quick piece I finished some time ago. Whether pirates or redcoats, you can’t stay on your ship all the time, so you’ll need a boat to reach the shore.

It’s a Playmobil boat that came with a larger ship I bought. I’d been meaning to make something out of it, but it just kept slipping to the back of the queue until one day I just happened to pick it up and finished it fairly quickly. After chopping off all the Playmobiley bits and making a new deck from cardboard, I added planking from coffee stirrers. I then put in a small swivel gun I picked up as part of a pirate lot earlier this year, and…that’s it, actually. Nice and simple.

The finished jolly boat looks quite decent and comfortably fits six miniatures on 28mm bases. I kept the style very neutral, so it works equally well with pirates and more legitimate types.

Picture of a playmobil jolly boat

Click for a larger version

Picture of pirates in boat

The pirate queen makes her landing

Picture of boat with soldiers

Captain Pemberton-Smythe and his troopers accompany the governor

I’m currently working on my new gameboard that has plenty of shoreline, so this boat will definitely see use, and I’ll likely get a few more. Maybe I’ll be able to recreate this wonderful scene from Black Sails:




  1. Great mate. Well done on the conversion. I am yet to make a start on my pirate project but I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’m loving Black Sails too. Bit of a slow burn but very cool

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    • Thanks! Black Sails is a great inspiration. I’ve also been watching Crossbones recently, I recommend that as well.

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  2. Works very well indeed.

    I’ve tried “Black Sails” but struggled with it, after five episodes I’d seen more women’s breasts than ships, very little ship to ship action but seemingly endless sex scene parachuted in. Were I fourteen years old that might have an appeal…

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    • The ratio of ships, politics, intrigue and murder to tits and sex changes significantly, especially after the first season. Give it another shot!


  3. Cool re-use dude – nice that you can stand minis up in it!

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    • Thanks Alex! It’s surprisingly roomy. The bottom of the boat needed a new deck to accommodate miniatures, but it was well worth it.

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  4. That’s very satisfyingly practical looking. The sort of thing that many talk about prepping but few ever do.

    Good work.

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    • Thanks Paul! I needed something easy to work on, so we just sat and watched a bunch of historical documentaries and this one got built almost by itself.


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