On the road again

March 1, 2017

I’m currently vacationing in Indonesia after spending a few weeks in Malaysia. I’m missing my toys, but the surroundings do help! I haven’t forgotten about my pirates even out here, so here’s a blog post on how the project is travelling with me despite no miniatures. I’m cleverly writing this on my smartphone after equally cleverly leaving my laptop at Bangkok airport. 

Inspiration is readily available here and in many forms. Not only is the area known for its piracy, the East India company and colonisation have left their stamp on many things. The tropical sights serve to spark the imagination, with palm trees, white sands and turquoise waters.

The local architecture in George Town, Malaysia, has a strong Georgian (well, duhh) feel to it. Many of the houses are from early 19th to early 20th century, and at times it felt like walking around in an actual pirate town milieu. A couple of photos to illustrate below.

Also, many of the buildings show the ravages of time and the weather, which gave me plenty of ideas.

We also visited a lovely old graveyard from the 19th century, and now I want to build one. 

George Town also featured an actual, late 18th century fort named Fort Cornwallis. While the fort never saw combat, it was really inspiring to visit. I even bought a mug – a sure sign of a good sight!

I brought along some appropriate reading, namely two books by Marcus Rediker (the second one co-written with Peter Linebaugh): The Slave Ship and The Many-Headed Hydra. As tends to happen, the project has sparked a wider interest in the period. I’m currently reading the latter book, and it’s super interesting.
I picked up some really cheap (less than 0.50€ each) nylon brushes at the local bookstore. Even if the quality doesn’t turn out to be special, these will undoubtedly find use, and at that price they were a steal.

As for Indonesia and pirate inspiration, well, let’s just say we’re on an island that looks like something out of a film.

And last but definitely not least, we got engaged yesterday. Apparently my pirate fixation is adorable…or at least tolerable.

Until next time, dear readers!


  1. Congratulations!

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    • Thanks Mike!


  2. Congratulations! Love is a thing of beauty. I wish you and your intended all the best! And I hope you both have fun in Southeast Asia. It’s been too long since I was in the neighborhood myself. (Time for a family visit to a marginally more northerly neighbor across the water a little.)

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    • Thanks! Southeast Asia really is lovely, it’s been five years since my last trip. The island we’re on, Gili Air, is nothing short of a paradise!


  3. Congratulations!

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  4. Congrats mate, and the place looks stunning… all those grays in the graveyard! It’s a painterly paradise 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex! It really is beautiful, I’ve taken hundreds of photos on the proper camera, both for reference and for the sheer beauty. I definitely want to build that weathered overgrown graveyard, should fit in my pirate town something wonderful.

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  5. Congrats re the engagement, send my regards to the soon to be Mrs Dawnofthelead.

    As for your incredible holiday my envy is making it difficult to type…

    Have fun!

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    • Thanks from the both of us! This really is a lovely holiday, no question. In a few months we’ll change these vistas to springtime Dublin – I assume it will be quite the change! As for envy, Finland appears to be drowning in slush and sleet, so you can imagine our friends’ response 😀

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      • I expect a Eurovision wedding, scorecards, costume changes, stilts, unicycles… the works.

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        • You’ll get an invite if you promise to do Johnny Logan!

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