From the painting desk #46 – Heroquest goblin

December 18, 2016

My latest painted miniature is a humble Heroquest goblin. He was painted as part of the Heroquest Hero Quest project, and you can read a more detailed write-up here. More photos there, too! At this rate, I’ll make twenty painted minis by the end of the year…maybe.

Heroquest goblin with axe

Click for a larger version


  1. Cool 🙂 He’s such a classic little chap – nice glowy eyes!

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    • Cheers Alex! It’s the classic 90s painting style for the eyes, too – red base with a drop of yellow!

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  2. Great mini and fabulous paint job!

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    • Great might be an overstatement, at least he has bags of character 😀 Thanks for the kind words!

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      • Oh, I like those old tongue-in-cheek figures – I prefer whimsical fantasy to gritty and grimdark!

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  3. Haha very cool man.

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  4. That brings back good memories of playing the game with my brother. I really like those old school minis and I think the subtle touches you added like the rusty axe blade, the glowing eyes, the subtle shading of the skin (which is not green!) and finally a suitable background to get that Dungeon vibe going.

    Sometimes I feel such simple miniatures with a good paintjob really refreshing. Many more modenr sculpts have too much detailing to focus on the important stuff. Here it is clearly the face and that evil grin.

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    • I completely agree with painting old minis and their no-clutter approach. It’s something I appreciate in newer minis as well. Glad you liked the mini and that it brought back memories, Heroquest nostalgia is a big part of the project. Thanks for the comment!


  5. You did a lovely job in one of the less memorable sculpts in the HeroQuest range there Mikko. The skin colour is great.

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    • Cheers Paul and thanks for inviting me!

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