From the painting desk #43 – Gentry

October 6, 2016

I’ve been painting a lot in recent weeks! We’ve managed to set up a semi-regular thing with my friend Joonas and his wife Mia, where they pop in for an evening or two per week to paint, build models, write and whatever we have at hand. This has been a huge production boost – setting aside 5-12 hours more time for painting than usual obviously pays off.

Some of the produce of these painting evenings are the couple shown below. The woman is from Front Rank’s line of 18th century civilians and the man is part of Redoubt’s excellent French and Indian War range.

Click for a larger version

Yellow is a colour I’ve always disliked painting, so I made the conscious choice to try doing it properly for once. The lady’s dress seemed like the perfect chance, so I tried to create something eye-catching and bright. I’m fairly happy with how the dress turned out, although some of the blending could be a lot smoother and the undercoat should be a lot more even. It was an important step in reducing my dislike for yellow, though! I think I’ll paint some more in the future. I also dabbed some rouge on the lady’s cheeks, as that was in fashion back then.

With these, and a few other quick paintjobs that probably won’t find their way to the blog, my year’s painting total is up to a grand total of ten miniatures. I’m aiming for thirty by the end of the year, and it seems realistic at the moment.

I’m really happy that I’ve managed to attract a crowd of regular commenters. Your input makes blogging even more fun and worthwhile, so thanks everyone!


  1. Nice atmospheric additions to your project Mikko.

    The yellow looks good to me.

    There is a quick yellow-over-white tutorial here that really is good.

    GW Averland Sunset is a must have for painting yellow over black I find.

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    • Cheers Paul! I’m seriously considering going back to painting over white when dealing with yellow. I’ve heard a lot of good about Averland Sunset, so will pick up a pot of that, thanks!

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  2. Painting with friends sounds like a very nice way to increase productivity! And the yellow looks great, yellow is my favorite color (yes, although I’m over 40, I still have a favorite color) and I have to keep myself from using it too much… not many yellow uniforms out there.

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    • I definitely recommend painting with friends if there’s a possibility, it’s a great way to spend time without the need of being super sociable. I like the look of yellow as well, but it seems most painters hate doing yellow – maybe because a lot of the yellows out there don’t have a lot of pigment and don’t cover too well?

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Nice job! I’ve just started painting some of my Mansions of Madness 2nd edition investigators. I’m a bit rusty, but the Zen of painting is a great way to unwind. Turn up some sweet tunes, pour a drink and paint. Heaven.

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    • Agreed! Life’s been a bit hectic recently, and those painting sessions have been an excellent way to wind down. Thanks for the comment!


  4. That’s a lovely yellow mate – you say the blending could be smoother, but I think the highlights actually makes the material look more reflective and silky!

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    • Thanks Alex, much appreciated!

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