From the painting desk #41 – Caribbean pirate

June 4, 2016

This year’s third (oh dear) miniature is unsurprisingly yet another pirate, this time from Foundry. To add some more diversity to my roster, I decided to paint him with a distinctly non-Caucasian skintone, which I think fits not only the model’s facial features, but my pseudo-historical pirate setting as well. For the jacket I wanted to use a colour I don’t normally break out, namely VGC Electric Blue. I’m not too happy with my shading of the colour, so will need some work with that on future models.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

This pirate brings my crew to a total of nine. While I’ll need a lot more to crew my ship – whenever I finish it – for now they’re a suitable raiding party for skirmish games and such. I’m thinking of making up several groups of pirates lead by different captains, and this miniature completes the pirate queen’s retinue for now at least.

For some reason, this mini looks much worse in photos than at hand, which frustrates me more than a little. Oh well, you’ll just have to take my word for it. Rather than get stuck on a mini I’m not completely happy with, I’ve already moved on to something a little different, albeit for the same project. More on that soon, hopefully!


  1. Looks good to me mate – another scurvy sea dog!

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  2. Looks good to me, too. Nice contrast there with the blue and reds and I also like that the cutlass is actually not super-sized but more on the realistic side.

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    • Thanks! I like the weapons on the Foundry minis too. Far too many manufacturers go for the “10 inches wide slab of steel” approach, which I dislike not only because it’s inaccurate, but also because it looks silly.


      • I can work for some heroic Fantasy miniatures (especially monster sized ones), but in general I replace weapons as a rule using some of the more sensible plastic offerings.


  3. Despite a disconcertin’ dearth o’ parrot, the scallywag’ll make a fine addition to yer’ crew Mikko me lad.


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