Pirate housing

April 11, 2016

I’ve managed to finish another building for my pirate town. This is another one from Warbases – a combination of their single storey modular building and a piece from the lean-to set. I’ve covered them in coffee stirrers, and hidden rough spots with more coffee stirrers. The window sills and lintels are made from matchsticks, and the roofing tiles are laser-cut strips also sold by Warbases. The flowery grass tufts are from The Army Painter and the barrels are from Ainsty.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

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Click for a larger version

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Click for a larger version

I wanted to paint a different colour from my usual fare, so went for a yellow finish. Yellow tends to be a right pain to paint, so I was happy that I could make it intentionally grubby. The end result is fairly pleasing and adds another touch of colour to the table. The building is intended to be fairly generic, representing a typical house in the pirate town.

This piece is my last hobby production for a while, because next Tuesday I’m off for a five week trip to the UK and Ireland with my girlfriend! Plenty of hobby related things in store on the trip, from Salute in London (let me know if you’re there, come and say hi!) to visiting Warhammer World in Nottingham to some pirates vs. ninjas gaming hosted by Paul who runs the wonderful sho3box blog. Add to that all the museums, geeky stores and battlefields, and I’m in for a treat! I will be updating the blog as I go – and as I have time – but understandably no new miniatures or scenics will be finished during April and most of May.

Comments and everything else welcome, dear readers!


  1. Nice house mate, hope you have a good trip 🙂

    • Thanks Alex!

      • Give me a shout if you’re around North London for any length of time mate, maybe we can get a game in!

        • Are you coming to Salute, by any chance?

        • No, not this year mate – I have an annoyingly timed prior engagement :-/

        • Oh, that’s a crying shame. I’ll see how much there’s leeway in the schedule 🙂

  2. Cool work dude!

    • Thanks Bob, appreciated!

  3. That building is really nice. That table is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

    Warhammer World is a pleasant place to visit for an hour or two. The exhibits are unique and interesting.

    Enjoy the next few weeks (and Salute this weekend of course) and I will see you in a month or so 🙂

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