From the painting desk #39 – A pirate in a hurry

February 28, 2016

It’s almost March and I’ve only just painted my first miniature of the year. Ok, in my defense I’ve mainly worked on terrain, but still…

Anyway, here’s a running pirate! He’s another Foundry one, and like all the others, a nice and characterful sculpt. For his shirt I went for the colourful-but-grimy look, which came out decently enough.


Click for a larger version

I had to fix the hand holding the sword a bit – either I’m completely misreading the miniature, or there’s some very lazy sculpting there. The hand didn’t really seem to be holding anything, the grip of the hilt was just sort of on top of the hand. I added a lump of ProCreate putty to make it look more natural.

With my impeccable sense of humour, I also present the obvious reason for the pirate’s running state. It also conveniently allows me to show the outhouse by Ainsty that I recently painted up. The outhouse was a fun little diversion, as it was very quick to paint and is a nice piece of scatter terrain. The good thing about painting this kind of model is that it’s supposed to look ramshackle, so you can just flail away with the paint and it still looks suitable. So here it is in all its glory, ready for some cagafuego.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

So, first model of the year, but the project is moving along nicely. Comments…ah, you know it already.


  1. Even if this post didnt feature pirates and outhouses, anything that teaches me phrases like “cacafuego” gets an additional ten points for Gryffindor from me.

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  2. Nice pirate dude! Really like the outhouse too. I’m a cagafuego veteran, having remembered it from the previous post.

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    • Ahaha, “cagafuego veteran” is definitely a status to be proud of! Thanks for the comment Bob!


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