From the painting desk #35 – Flamboyant George

October 4, 2015

Reinforcing my pirates is a colourful individual I named Flamboyant George. He’s loosely inspired by Robert de Niro in the movie Stardust (and this scene especially). After the previous pirate’s toned-down palette, I wanted to paint something with a bit more colour, and found the idea of a pirate with a penchant for matching accessories delightful. He’s prepared to mercilessly cut down anyone for their hat or boots. The miniature is from Foundry.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The mini was also a chance to use purple, which I rarely do for some reason. I painted his hat, belt and boots as matching and threw in red details in the form of the band around his hat, the eyepatch and his socks. The yellow scarf works well with the purple shirt in my opinion – unsurprising as they are opposite colours. I like how the overall colours turned out and how the pirate still manages to look fairly menacing. While the concept stems mostly from just me wanting to have some fun, it’s not without historical merit, as pirates sometimes used the fancy clothes and the like that they stole or bought.

Flamboyant George is this year’s 20th painted miniature.


  1. From the description I was suspecting a more Liberace sort of flamboyant look, so I was surprised to see a more restrained yet still flamboyant and menacing looking character. Very nice.

    I also rarely paint purple, I have never found a go-to set of colours to layer it with confidence.

    The paints that you used there worked well. What was the recipe?


    • Thanks! The recipe was very simple: a base of GW Xereus Purple followed by an ancient GW Purple ink. After that a highlight with Xereus Purple and a bit of white mixed in, followed by a very much watered down Purple ink wash to blend it a little. Glad you liked it!

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