Morning glory

May 22, 2014

I happened to get up earlier than normal today (6:15 am in fact), and there was such a lovely light in my game room that I snapped a photo of the current state of my Pacific Rim setup. It’s actually an Instagram photo, so I slapped a retro filter on it, and I think it turned out nice. So, here’s a mood piece for you to hopefully enjoy!

“We’ll never forget May 22, when Knifehead hit us around sunrise.”


  1. Getting up extra early almost inevitably leads to a man cave visit doesn’t it?

    Nice photo.


    • With my computer (read: soulmate) in my man cave, it’s inevitable 😀 I want my morning coffee with my RSS feeds. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Almost cinematic . You should make the next Godzilla film 🙂


    • Haha, thanks! As long as I can shoot it on my cell phone camera…


  3. Looks great!


  4. What a stunning photo!


    • Thanks Bryan! I got lucky with the light.


  5. That is cool, well done! That is a very nice shot, it captures the feel very well.


  6. Lovely shot! Can I ask your Instagram username? 🙂


    • Thanks Chris! You can find me on Instagram (and everywhere else) under the nickname manatic.


  7. Very nice!

    I found your blog after searching on “Samurai Robots Battle Royale” – turns out we’re doing the same project! I’ve only got as far as finding the rules and doing a test to see how the Pacific Rim clix would work with the buildings from Monopoly City and U-Build Monopoly (crappy iPad pic):


    Looking forward to following your progress!


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