Bless those Swedes

August 11, 2013

Oh my, over a month since my last post. That’s what the combination of summer holidays and Mass Effect 12, and 3 will do to you.

While I haven’t done any painting or other miniatures-related stuff lately, I did build my pretties a new house, so to speak. My old glass case was getting more than a little cramped, so I visited IKEA – just one of Sweden’s many gifts to the world. 150 Euros and maybe 5 hours later I had this:

IKEA goodness - click for a larger version

IKEA goodness – click for a larger version

It has plenty of shelf space for both minis and rulebooks, and the glass doors – while an absolute pain to align – will keep dust out. The small LED lights installed in each compartment make it look pretty fancy, too! I’m going to add a few drawers to the two bottom compartments, but haven’t gotten round to building them yet. I love the spaciousness of it all: the picture shows the case with 150 miniatures or so, and they’re very loosely placed with one of the four compartments practically empty.

With the blog coughing and spluttering itself to life again, expect to see a fair bit more activity than in the last few months. I have at least three review additions in the pipeline, plus I’m slowly getting started on painting the next minis for Utopia. Dear readers, it’s good to be back.


  1. Looks nice fella a frontal shot of all the lead would be nice 🙂


    • Will try to do that a bit later, thanks for the comment mate!


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