From the painting desk #22 – Security!

June 26, 2013

I recently bought some lovely Time Lift Security miniatures by Crooked Dice. Destined to become generic near future security guards (who will show up in a Utopia game report later), I gave the models a very toned down, dull look with khaki vests over grey overalls. To keep the models from getting too dull, I added some white in the form of the vest collars and belts. I think it gives them a bit of a retro look and nicely breaks up the otherwise low-key paint scheme. To add some ethnic diversity, I painted one of the models using very different skin tones. I would’ve loved to paint a few using darker skin colours, but the hairstyles and facial features simply weren’t suitable for that.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The models themselves were easy and quick to clean up and paint. They’re very neat little sculpts and I think they turned out pretty characterful. You can get them direct from Crooked Dice.

Comments and critique welcome!


  1. They look nice. The colour scheme immediately reminded me of the uniforms in Space: 1999, another Gerry Anderson influence funnily enough.

    Bright, more traditionally sci-fi colour schemes are too reminiscent of Spectrum to be used on these guys I think (unless the painter planned to use them in Captain Scarlet games of course).

    Crooked Dice make top notch figures and have them manufactured to high standards too. Even if you only ever read the background in their 7TV books they would be worth buying: the writing is fantastic and the graphic design is just lovely. A great miniature games company.


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