Yet another Colonial Marine review update

April 1, 2013

Looking to turn your Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard into Colonial Marines? Mad Robot Miniatures has just the thing for you.

L to R: Catachan w/ Mad Robot head, Catachan w/ Mad Robot head and pulse rifle, Cadian w/ Mad Robot head and pulse rifle

Click for a larger version

In other words, the 28mm Colonial Marine review has been updated again with some conversion parts for GW plastics. What’s the verdict? Go check it out!


  1. Reblogged this on Drewt333's WordPress.com Blog and commented:
    Conversion bits from Mad Robot


  2. Can’t say I’m all that impressed. Hasslefree miniatures make better looking pulse rifles by far and the heads seem too small for their bodies. I used the UMSC marines you recommended plus Hasslefree Pulse rifles instead.


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