Heart of the Swarm trailer

January 23, 2013

This is just a quick post while I’m preparing the latest Utopia report. I just ran into this trailer for the new StarCraft II expansion, and figured this blog has plenty of readers who don’t mind some man vs. bug action. Man, if we only had a full movie like this. Starship Troopers: Invasion came close, but not on this scale. This definitely provided me with some gaming inspiration, enjoy!


  1. I stumbled across that video yesterday, its great. Im not a fan of RTS games, but I appreciate transforming robots fighting against giant dinosaur aliens as much as the next guy.

    I was in talking with a Blizzard employed friend after I saw the clip and we were thinking that we would happily sit down and watch an entire CG Starcraft movie. I am only vaguely familiar with the property, but it has the warfare based space opera thing that I like going on in spades.

    Even if a Starcraft movie was all just flash-bang stuff like that shown above for two hours it would still be worth a look. I mean compare how appealing that clip is to the stuff from the GW Ultramarine movie from a while back. I still havent managed to work up the enthusiasm to watch that.


    • I agree with you completely. Blizzard is pretty awesome when it comes to CGI movies. Just start from this:

      and keep going through the cutscene collection. Sweet stuff! I can’t believe GW botched Ultramarine so badly, considering they have this in one of THQ’s games:


  2. I LOVE Blizzard’s cinema stuff but they will never make a whole CG movie. This is from a inside source. Makes me sad.


    • Boo, hiss! Agreed on that.


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