Some hasslefree defiance

May 21, 2012

I recently added the Defiance Games UAMC marines to my Colonial Marine review. As I was playing around with assembling the minis, I remembered I had some of Hasslefree‘s wonderful pulse rifles kicking around. These guns are the pick if you’re looking to convert minis to an Aliens setting, so I figured I’d try one out on a DG marine. I did a very quick, rushed job (it’s still in need of putty work and filing), but as you can see, it makes for a very nice Colonial Marine. The size and scale of the HF gun is spot on, and the end result works really well. This combination is definitely worth considering, if you’re looking to make your own on the cheap.

Click for a larger version

The more I keep looking at that, the more my inner struggle against laziness increases. While the guns the DG marines sport are nice enough, the HF pulse rifle is a perfect rendition of the Aliens gun. Luckily I only have a few HF pulse rifles left…for now.

One comment

  1. Those guys are “ABSOLUTELY BAD-ASS!”. They turned out much better than I expected. (And I had some high expectations.) So far I have some Woodbine Design / Gripping Beast Not-Colonel Marines(and some EM4 on the way!).I cant wait to mix some of these guys in with them.my favorite thing about the DF marines has got to be the price.I love that HF pulse rifle its just screams aliens. The detail on it just pops off the gun.It seems makes everyone look just that much closer to a team.Not to mention its ability to make anything look like a CM. I have a buddy who uses them on his GW Imperial guard.Hell I even have A unit of Ork Nobz (who are used in our all to frequent Space hulk games)sporting HF pulse rifles and some old 35mm M1 helmets.


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