Music in the key of Cyberpunk

April 6, 2012

I always listen to music when I paint. Usually it’s just for background ambience or some jolly singalong, but every now and then it’s for inspiration. Lately I’ve been in a scifi mood a lot. After playing through Mirror’s Edge and Deus Ex: Human Revolution I was in such a cyberpunk state of mind, that I just wanted to keep going with that. That turned into a Spotify playlist.

With this intro, I present to you my Cyberpunk list. It’s mostly a combination of video game (Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge) and movie (Blade Runner, Underworld, TRON: Legacy, Matrix Reloaded, Contagion) soundtracks with some other selected pieces (Jarre, Burial, The American Dollar)  thrown in. It’s designed mostly for moody, atmospheric background listening, so there isn’t too much dramatic or loud stuff.

Enjoy! If you have suggestions for additions to the list, feel free to send them in.


  1. Would it be possible to see the complete list of songs as text? I can’t seem to use spotify but i’m really interested in knowing the list. I’ve been looking for exactly this sort of thing and was thinking along the same lines (Tron Legacy, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, etc.). Thanks!


    • Sure, here you go:

      Track – Artist (with ” indicating same artist as previous)

      Anthrazit – AES DANA
      Anything You Synthesize – The American Dollar
      Steeltown (Part One) – ”
      Night Bus – Burial
      Forgive – ”
      Stolen Dog – ”
      Archangel – ”
      UK – ”
      They’re Calling My Flight – Cliff Martinez
      The Birds Are Doing That – ”
      They Didn’t Touch Me – ”
      The Grid – Daft Punk
      End of Line – ”
      Solar Sailer – ”
      Chase – Electro Lounge All Stars
      Zion – Fluke
      Humans Are Disappearing – Jack Wall
      Horizon – ”
      New Worlds – ”
      Charges of Treason – ”
      Finding Archangel – ”
      Feros – ”
      aero – Jean Michel Jarre
      Aerozone – ”
      Ethnicolor 1 – ”
      Oxygene II – ”
      Oxygene IV – ”
      Angels and Men – Juno Reactor
      Detroit City Ambient (Part 1) – Michael McCann
      Lower Hengsha Ambient (Part 1) – ”
      Singapore Ambient (Part 2) – ”
      Hung Hua Brothel (Extended) – ”
      Deathdealers Deploy – Underworld OST
      Seragaki (Junkie XL remix) – Ryukyu Underground
      The Normandy – Sam Hulick
      Introduction – Solar Fields
      Edge & Flight – ”
      Pirandello Kruger – ”
      Shard – ”
      Lyckantropen Theme 5 – Ulver
      Lyckantropen Theme 7 – ”
      Lyckantropen Theme 8 – ”
      Blade Runner Main Titles – Vangelis
      Launch Approval – ”
      Up and Running – ”
      Blade Runner End Titles – ”
      Dimitri’s Bar – ”
      Vadavarot – ”
      Ghost in the Circuit – Velvet Acid Christ


      • Thank you so much!


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