Blood Bowl-a-rama #11 – The League of Extraordinary Fun

March 14, 2012

Our Blood Bowl league has taken off magnificently. So far we’ve had a grand total of 19 [sic] games since the start of the season in January, and the fourth round of matches is almost finished.

The Swamp Shamans' Kroxigor Shiva prepares to lay down some hurt. (Click for a larger version)

Blood Bowl has really become something of a “thing”. The games and the league are turning into something much more than the sum of their parts. Let me list (since I’m partial to lists) some of the things that make it so much fun:

  1. Social events. This is really what the games are turning into. More and more people will flock to see games played by others, offering their commentary and interpretation of game events, having a few beers and simply having a good time. With people working, studying, getting children and things like that, quality time like this tends to be hard to come by in the same quantities as five to ten years before.
  2. Narratives. We’ve long had an internet discussion forum, which is nowadays almost completely devoted to all things Blood Bowl. One of the best aspects are the narratives building around the league, its coaches and its players. From the bitter hometown rivalry between the wealthy dwarf team of Blackpit Arsenal and their working-class opposition, the chaos dwarves of Blackpit Chaotic to the naughty nun team of the Marienburg Spankers (with their trademark pass action declaration  “Nun shall pass!”), the narratives, game reports and the like are often hilarious stuff. All the ten players in our league are avid role-players, and as such no strangers to happily making up intricate stories about simple events. The narratives also form something of a pressure valve, allowing frustratingly bad luck with the dice to be explained away as bribed referees and the like.
  3. Excitement. Blood Bowl is an excellent game – I think the best one Games Workshop has ever created. It strikes a good balance between skill and luck. The games tend to be really exciting, with adrenaline levels spiking and palms sweating as a mere 2+ roll stands between victory and defeat. Today’s game was a great example, with the Lustrian Swamp Shamans squeezing a 3-3 tie against the Sea Elf Seahawks with a daring passing play – only succeeding on a roll of 6.

The Seahawks' elves Shanghai and Singapore try to stare down their cold-blooded opponents. (Click for a larger version)

These things combine to make our Blood Bowl league so much more than just a bunch of games played with miniatures. I can’t tell what it exactly is, but I can honestly say that it’s been a long while since I’ve enjoyed miniature gaming this much.


  1. Without wanting to sound to much like an advert for Kodak, a functioning BB league of a decent size is something to be cherished.

    Like most things worth doing, the logistics can be a chore so the chances are that most people wont have *that* many opportunities to play a full league. But when it works it ranks as one of the best toy soldier/boardgame related experiences out there as far as I am concerned.

    That kroxigor is flagrantly breaking the rules by the way Didst Nuffle not spake “Ones body is ones weapon” ?

    Sounds like fun. Colour me envious.


    • Thanks Paul. The logistics are indeed troublesome at times, although this league has been the least painful ever in that respect. We’re now trying to set up an All-Stars game. We’re gunning for late September or early October.

      League officials suggested the kroxigor leave his club home. He did not comply.


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