From the painting desk #14 – Colonial Marines

February 28, 2012

I just completed these five models. They were specifically painted for my Aliens board game project. What these five models reminded me of is that I [expletive] hate batch painting. It’s dull, it’s dreary and it takes most fun out of the area of the hobby that I enjoy most – painting. After much eye-rolling, cursing and exasperated sighs, they’re finally finished – luckily they turned out alright. All miniatures except Frost (holding a pistol), who is a conversion of an em4 plastic trooper, are Woodbine Colonial  Marines. They were nice enough to paint, and I pretty much just followed my regular recipe for painting CMs. I’m quite happy with how some things turned out, such as Vasquez’s darker skin colour. Some of the teeth sculpted on the models make them look a bit squirrel-ish, but who’s counting.

Painted Colonial Marines

Click for a larger version

With all the minis I need for the project now finished, I can move on with the game board as well!


  1. Nice one my project is now underway as well, just got some horrorclix aliens and some Apcs, will be watching for more on your blog! (also picked up 5150 star army rules, as the atz rules are great by the same people.


    • Thanks for the comment Wayne, what APCs did you get?


  2. Got a un touched Halycon 1.35 and two others resin 1.35 (I like chunky vehicles. for my games) they compare quite nicely whne I’ve seen them before.


  3. on another note my dad got his Zombie blog up!


    • Halcyon, wow! Don’t they cost an arm and a leg? Kudos to your dad for his blog, looks great!


  4. Nice work. Looking forward to the board.


    • Thanks! I’ll do my best.


  5. They look the part.

    I love those Gripping Beast figures: the pick of the bunch for Aliens gaming in my opinion.

    Good to see that you are making progress. Whats next for LV426?


    • Thanks Paul! I’ve now glued most of the magnetic squares onto the game board, so next up will be making the various obstacles on the map. After that it’s the larger wall parts.


  6. https://www.weylandindustries.com/


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