From Dawn of the Lead with love

January 2, 2012

I decided to start off this new year with something special. As every miniature gamer knows, we tend to accumulate far more miniatures than we can paint. I got a fair few freebies for my Colonial Marine review, and while most will end up in my own use, there are a few that are simply extra. In this case, the Fenryll Science Fiction Troopers.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

From my review:

French resin miniature manufacturer Fenryll has six more or less obviously not-CMs in their science fiction range. It has to be said right at the start that these miniatures are very big. While the Fenryll site lists them as 28mm, the models actually measure 33-35mm from top of base to top of head. The size is a real shame, since the miniatures are very nice. The sculptor Dominique Seys has done a nice job with the troopers’ faces and gear, and resin produces beutiful, crisp detail. There is one thing about the first pack that bugs me a lot, and it’s the way the troopers hold their pulse rifles. They’re all holding them one-handed (two of them are holding a grenade in the other hand), and the guns look entirely weightless. This gives the troopers of the first pack a very action figure-ish look, which I’m not partial to. The troopers in pack 2 hold their guns much more sensibly with two hands, and I prefer this pack to the first one. The models come with separate guns and backpacks, and they’re all on square integral resin bases, with some sculpted detail and texture. There were some casting flaws, with quite a lot of flash and mould lines/misalignment.

The size of the Fenryll troopers will probably put a lot of people off. As the comparison pictures below show, they’re very tall, standing head and shoulders above most other miniatures in this review. While this might make them unappealing to a fair few gamers, their large size does mean that they’re a perfect match size-wise for the Horrorclix Aliens or the Heresy Hurn, which tend to be pretty big compared to most 28mm miniatures. In terms of price the troopers are at the higher end in this review, with a pack of three models costing 10 EUR, which amounts to £8.40 at the time of writing, or £2.80 per miniature.

The latter part is why I’m giving them away. While wonderful minis, they’re simply a bit too large to fit in with my other models. They’re still very nice, and really should find a nice home.

How to get them? Simple, just drop me a comment on this post. Using magical powers (and a random number generator) I’ll pick the lucky winner and notify them. The winner will need to pay postage, which should at most amount to 2-3 EUR or something similar even for overseas delivery – the Finnish post office is quite cheap and very reliable. Payment via PayPal is preferred.

Good luck!


  1. Free stuff? Count me in!


  2. Matching horrorclix and Hurn you say?
    oh well, i’m in =)


  3. Happy New Year, Mikko!

    I’d like to enter the rumble.
    I could make use of these as a unit and a hero for Dust Tactics, where their height should match the other minis.

    Seeing as these are made of resin, are they more brittle than regular lead miniatures?



    • Hi Tobbe, Happy New Year to you too!

      They are somewhat more brittle – especially the thin parts such as gun barrels (even though those have some elasticity to them). They are however quite robust sculpts, so shouldn’t fall apart just from looking at them. I didn’t manage to destroy them putting them together, at least.


  4. Thanks for doing this. Your colonial Marines mega-review has been influential in several purchases over the last two years.

    Count me in for the Drawing.


    • Correction. “Last year”. Seems like longer….


  5. Always nice to see a new figure range ‘in the flesh’ (or the lead, or the plastic…) – would love to get lucky here.


  6. Prize Draw? Gotta be in it to win it!

    So, please throw Orctrader into the hat. 🙂


  7. Magic me please 🙂



  8. I could put those to use. Count me in please.


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