Blood Bowl-a-rama #8 – Two ghoul for school

December 28, 2011

First of all, pardon for the awful (if there is another kind) pun in the title. It was my rather quaint way of letting you know that I’ve completed two new models for the Ravens. Let me present to you… Karl Eye-Popper and Oswald Strangler!

Both are ghouls from Mantic (reviewed here), and lovely miniatures to paint. What made them even easier to paint is the fact that I made the conscious decision to leave the uniform colours without shading to convey something of a game piece vibe as opposed to something more realistic. So, plain black and purple it was. To counterbalance this, I did some extra work on the skin and the self-inflicted wounds, trying to make the former deathly pale and dirty and the latter nasty and infected. I’d love to hear your comments on whether it worked or not.

Here are my new players, along with their thoughts on their existence.

Blood Bowl Mantic ghouls

Click for a larger version

Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.

– Karl Eye-Popper

This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on.

– Oswald Strangler


  1. I was thinking of doing something similar, what are you going to use as wights and zeds? Was thinking of converting human players to get both zeds and wights…


    • I’ve converted two wights from old Citadel plastics – see the previous BB posting I did. Zombies are plastics from Mantic.


  2. […] with Vikings IF sending the Drakwald Ravens packing, as well of killing one of my veteran ghouls, Karl Eye-Popper, and putting Ludwig Wightenstein in a wheelchair with a thoroughly destroyed hip. The poor wight […]


    • Thanks, so nice to hear this!

      Liked by 1 person

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