Zombie goodness both past and upcoming

December 11, 2011

It’s time for another look at zombies on film. I haven’t done these in a while, so pardon me for showcasing some that are already out there.

Zombie Massacre has a nice name to it. It’s a new movie from the makers of the zombie film Eaters, which was rubbish – it was actually the first time I fell asleep watching a zombie flick. The trailer seems very stylish, though, so maybe there is promise in this one.

Nazi Zombies: I Think We’re Alone Now is a fun short homage to Call of Duty’s nazi zombie part, featuring four WW2 soldiers from different nations fighting nazi zombies in slow motion. Yes. It’s included in its 2½ minute entirety below.

Zombies: A Living History is a pretty interesting History channel documentary on the zombie phenomenon, exploring the history of the zombie and the possibility of real-life zombies amongst other things. It features zombie pop culture experts, such as Max Brooks and Jonathan Maberry. There’s a trailer embedded below. I’ve no idea how you can get your hands on it commercially, but you can watch it on Tube+ and the like.

Exit Humanity is something of a rarity – a period zombie piece set ten years after the American Civil War. It looks pretty tasty in the trailer, and has been doing the festival rounds lately. For more info check out the trailer below as well as the movie’s official site.

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust looks to add to a small number of zombie comedies. This NZ film promises to be a fun story of actual zombies invading the set of a zombie movie in the making. The trailer shows great promise, so let’s hope they can pull it off. The movie is due out in 2012.

There you go, plenty of new(ish) stuff to feast on!


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