Music to make war to

August 2, 2011

If you’re looking to create a good atmosphere for gaming, it’s good to remember the soundscape as well. While we play Blood Bowl listening to hip hop or 80s hits, for Triton-4 I wanted something different. With the advent of this new-fangled, so-called “computer” and “internet” technology, the possibilities are starting to be pretty outstanding. So, using Spotify I created two different playlists. One is a collection of darkish, military themed soundtracks from such movies as Dog Soldiers, Aliens and Predator 2 as well as games like Crysis. Clocking in at 224 tracks and 13 hours, that’s enough scifi background music to last me a lifetime of gaming.

In case I don’t all that drama, I can settle for a nice jungle ambience. Enter four hours of recorded nature sounds, and it’s like you’re hanging out somewhere tropic.  For maximum effect you can actually play these two together. We manage it by having one player hook up their smartphone to some speakers and playing one list, and my PC blaring out the other.

Don’t have Spotify? Click the logo below and get it. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened in the digital music distribution business.

Have Spotify? Feel free to use the links below and use the playlists mentioned. I’d love to hear what you think of them, as well as what you listen to while gaming if anything.

Triton-4 soundtrack

Triton-4 jungle sounds

One comment

  1. Will do it when I get home and give it a go.


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