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June 18, 2011

It’s been a while since my last miniatures-related post, as my summer job’s been getting my full attention and minis have been on the sidelines. This post’s a happy one, since I’m happy to say I’ve finished another sculpt. If you remember, I posted some time back about a sculpt I was working on. The model is now done, and turned out very nice in my opinion. While it’s probably not yet of a sufficient quality to sell, I know I can get it produced through Black Orc Games’ Minisculpt scheme. The model was my first partial foray into ProCreate putty (the grey stuff), and I must say that I’m sold on the product. Much easier to work with than greenstuff and retains its shape better.

The miniature itself, a winter-geared civilian (or a sentry, if you add a weapon or holster) is shown below. There are things I’m not quite happy with – the profile is very flat and the face will win no beauty contests. Some of the detail is soft, and the putty would benefit from more smoothing. Overall I’m happy, though. Comments and critique more than welcome!

Click for a larger version


  1. Congrats!

    As you yourself said, the details could be a bit sharper/crisper, the boots especially are a bit nondescript. But overall, the pose conveys well the attempt to stay warm while standing on the spot at -30°C. The pose also suggest – to me, at least – that he’s just inhaling a smoke, although it would be easy to mod him in using a mobile/walkie-talkie or binoculars as well. And it’s also very easy to see him holding casually a rifle that’s strapped on his right shoulder. So yeah, lot of potential with this guy!


    • Thanks for the comments Markku! I’ll add something to the boots, as I indeed have a tendency to be very lazy on them. Shoelaces and some detailing to go, then! I guess the portrayal of someone trying to stay warm is pretty intuitive for Finns 😀 Also I’m really happy to hear that I managed to convey the idea of the mini smoking a cigarette, as that was what I was going for!


  2. I like it, and I think you’ve done a great job!

    I don’t think he looks too thin. But I guess it all comes down to how far north you’d expect him to be, or how thick you’d expect his jacket to be. I could easily see him being used as a fisherman too.

    How tall is he? Judging by that cork I’d guess he is shorter than 28mm…?


    • Thanks for the kind words, Tobbe. He does have a fisherman vibe going on, I was just thinking that to myself a few hours ago. He’s pretty much 30mm from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.


  3. Congratulations. Fantastic job, looks superb!


    • Thanks Ad!


  4. This figure has so much potential, as others have already pointed out. I do hope it does go into production, once you’re satisfied with the quality of your sculpting. I could well see me buying more than one of this figure. Armed and unarmed versions immediately spring to mind.


    • Thanks Bryan! Once I finish the boots, I’ll probably ship it off to Black Orc, so expect to see it in the metal in the future.


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