Celebrating Old Stuff Day!

March 2, 2011

In one of the best ideas in a while, Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 has devised a new special day. So from now on March 2nd is Old Stuff Day.

I quote:

Although, for most of us, it’s a labor of love, blogging is actually a fair amount of work.  The reward for our efforts is often a post we can be proud of and, with any luck, it receives some attention from the rest of the community.

Unfortunately for most posts, that attention tends to be short-lived.  A short time after it’s displayed, the average post falls off the blogrolls of the community and into the realm of obscurity, often never to be seen again.  There’s good reason for this: after all, readers will only find posts interesting if they can actually find the posts.

This is why I’m proposing all bloggers highlight the content they’re most proud of on March 2nd in celebration of “Old Stuff Day.”  On this day, each blogger can go through their history and find posts that they’d like to shake the dust off and present again to the community at large.

For me, this was a no-brainer. Back in August 2009, when DotL had approximately six readers, I wrote an article about adding RPG elements to wargames. I still go by those guidelines, and think that reading that article might be interesting to a lot of people. So, here without further ado, I give you:


Kudos to Rob for a great idea, let’s make OSD a true tradition.

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