From the painting desk #11

February 25, 2011

Just a single model this time. I’m very slowly painting up a small Warmachine force, and here’s the second one of my Khador Widowmakers. A wonderful model, although the straps, buckles and other assorted bric-a-brac are still a pain. I like how her hair turned out, as well as the browns.

Click for a larger version

When I have the time and the energy (and I’ve finished the final two Widowmakers) it’s time to go to work on the Warjacks. Can hardly wait!



  1. Ooh!
    I like that – nice work


    • Thanks Donogh!


  2. That’s a nice figure, never knew of them and a great paintjob.


    • Thanks! The Widowmakers are a great lot, really inspiring to paint.


  3. Very nice painting Mikko. You managed to combine a lot of earthy tones without ending up with a muddy model, kudos. It seems to me that your overall painting standard has gone up recently 🙂

    The Warmachine ranges have always been appealing to me, but the rulebook was as far as I got.

    I am looking forward to seeing the warjacks.


    • Thanks for the compliments. I guess it’s a case of quality over quantity. Then again, since quantity is always in short supply with me, I have to put all my effort in the “quality” part 😀


  4. Good paintjob, even though I hate Widowmakers.Hate them. With a passion.


    • I assume you hate them for their game properties, and not the models? 😀


      • Yes, I hate them for them game properties. My Khador opponent cripples my few effective ‘jacks with them in very short order, and to date I have not managed to wipe out that pesky unit even once. Brought it down to 1 model a few times, but never wiped it out…


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