This ain’t no Twilight

February 4, 2011

Max Brooks, the author of zombie literary classics World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide has recently published a free short story named Extinction Parade. It’s a fun little story of a zombie apocalypse viewed through the eyes of vampires, and reads very much like a cross between WWZ and Interview with the Vampire. If WWZ left you craving for more, as I bet it did for most of us, this is a nice little fix to ease that withdrawal syndrome. As an added bonus, the book contains no sparkling vampires whatsoever.

You can read the story at the Daily Beast.


  1. Thanks for that.


    • Always happy to help!


  2. Great find Mikko, I enjoyed that.

    The start was a little stilted I thought, but I had bought into the whole thing fully before the halfway mark. Very enjoyable.

    On a side note, the “Recorded Attacks” comic pictured above is a worthwhile read for fans waiting for some more genre defining stuff from Mr Brooks. Its not the best comic that I have ever read or anything, but it was fun to see such nice artwork applied to the historical solanum outbreaks described in his other works.


    • I agree with what you said about the story. Brooks is quite the writer, and knows how to build a story. Style wise this was very close to WWZ, could’ve pretty much been a chapter from the book. Agree with your comment on the comic as well! I bought it while visiting Tallinn, and haven’t regretted a bit.


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