November 13, 2010

Recall way back when I complained about not making it to a zombie film shoot? Man, I was so bummed.

Luckily, a friend presented me with a chance to take part in the filming of a zombie themed music video. What followed was about a hundred hours covered in latex prosthetics and all sorts of rubbish and fake blood. I couldn’t eat (due to the prosthetics around my mouth), there were some artistic differences and the shoot lasted until the wee small hours of the morning. Naturally, apart from what might be my back in a tangle of zombies, I’m not even visible in the video.

The feeling I was left with? Pure AWESOME. Despite all the hardships it was just so much fun to get made up as a zombie, to wear those creepy contact lenses (which I got to keep) and in general to take part in such an undertaking.

Here are some photos of the whole thing, with yours truly in photos #2 and 3:

And here’s the finished video itself. It’s not what I’d usually listen to, but I have to take my hat off  for anyone making a cool zombie themed music video of a wedding gone to hell. And the tune IS pretty catchy. Without further ado, Cristal Snow with Surrender.


  1. ahahahah class! You were very lucky to have been able to participate in that, I can believe it was a great time.
    I must say the best part has to be when that bleached blond pest gets dragget out!


    • Hahah Jules! What lesson do we take home? Don’t be an androgynous disco pop star when the zompocalypse hits, your chances of survival are around 0,4%.


      • Yeah about the same as the main female character’s love interest, that guy gets chomped every time!


      • Ah yes. About the same life expectancy as your average “these are the best guys around” SWAT/Navy Seal/Colonial Marine team in most movies.

        Or the naysayer in every zombie movie: “Didn’t you hear the broadcasts? The army is coming, we have to sit tight!”


      • “Don’t be an androgynous disco pop star when the zompocalypse hits, your chances of survival are around 0,4%.”

        Words to live by 😀 Thats what they should call the album. Hell, I am going to learn to play an instrument just so that I can make an album and call it that.

        I am jealous of your zombie contact lenses. Like cufflinks, probably not many chances to wear them coming up but the piece de resistance when the opportunity arises.


        • I’m still waiting for a good chance to surprise some friends with those contact lenses. Someone’s bound for the heart attack ward, mark my words 😀


  2. Oh and that comment made my day!


  3. Excellent stuff(not the song)but everything else.


  4. that was pretty good! loved all of it.


    • Thanks for the comment, Jess!


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