DotL miniature giveaway

November 1, 2010

I have some miniatures I don’t need at the moment, and to be honest, probably never will. I figured I’d share the love and give the following stuff away to loving homes. All you need to do is pay for postage via PayPal, and I’ll chuck them your way. All the people – bloggers especially – reading this: do the same. You probably have minis sitting in a box somewhere, with the vague idea of “these might be useful/valuable/chopped up for conversions one day” that you’ve used to justify keeping them around unused for years – I know you have! Some people might have a use for them, so do them a favour and pay it forward.

I’d rather post these as lots, but will do single miniatures as well. Bases are not provided, I think you’ll manage.

Lot 1 – Warzone Undead Legionnaires – GONE!


Click for a larger version


Bought years ago for a never finished “40K Chaos army for cheap” project. One has had his weapon chopped up, no idea why.

Lot 2 – Warzone Pretorian Stalker & Ilian Templar – GONE!


Click for a larger version


Same 40K project. Sold the painted stuff ages ago. Still very nice miniatures, with the Stalker going for €4.95 on Prince August’s site.

Lot 3 – HeroClix


Click for a larger version


Madame Masque, Colossus, Hawkeye, Umar and Tomoe. Pre-painted plastic. The quality isn’t very good, but these are still a viable option for those looking to do some superhero gaming. Some of the models have other uses as well. I’ve seen Colossus used in a Weird World War 2 Russian army, and a repainted Hawkeye serves as a vampire in my Underworld project.

Lot 4 – Mage Knight


Click for a larger version


Utem Crossbowman, Nightblade, Quarterstaff Warrior, Immortal Fanatic. More pre-painted plastic, the Immortal Fanatic has had his other blade snap off (it’s included, though). Again, the quality isn’t very nice, but these could well be used in RPGs etc. They’re far nice than paper counters, anyway. Acetone can be used to strip the paint away, if you fancy repainting.

Lot 5 – Old Plastic Imperial Trooper & Squat – GONE!


Click for a larger version


These were found in a large lot of mixed miniatures way back. I have no use for them, so feel free. Might be a blast of nostalgia for someone.

Lot 6 – Grenadier Adventurer & Shadowrun Street Shaman – GONE!


Click for a larger version


For reasons unknown I’ve chopped the revolver hand off the adventurer, and replaced the shaman’s right hand with it. The shaman has had whatever was in his left hand replaced with a knife.

Lot 7 – ERM Facehuggers x 6 – GONE!


Click for a larger version


These were sent to me as part of the Alien miniatures review. While they’re nice enough minis, I simply have no use for them and want them to have anice, warm home. That’s six miniatures for free (two sets of those pictured), right there.

Lot 8 – ERM Facehuggers with guns – GONE!


Click for a larger version


See lot 7.

Lot 9 – Old plastic Citadel Wood Elves x 5 – GONE!


Click for a larger version


These are from Citadel’s first range of plastics. They’re all headless. I’ve used some human heads to convert a few to be Huntsmen in my WHFB Empire army.

Lot 10 – Old plastic Citadel Dark Elves x 8 – GONE!


Click for a larger version


Part of the same range as lot 9. Two have heads, others are headless. None have their separate crossbows.

And that’s it!

Reservations via comments box, we’ll sort out the details via email, payment via PayPal. One lot per reader, if you want several you’ll have to wait for a week or so. First come, first served. Postage to the US will be a few EUR maximum for letters. The Clix stuff will cost a bit more, but nothing exorbitant.

And as I mentioned before, I encourage other bloggers to do the same. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, so let’s get that old stuff into rotation, mmkay?


  1. I would certainly be interested in the Warzone stuff if you have any left. Using it for mainly the same things, actually.

  2. I would definitely be interested in lots 1 and 2! I love Warzone Dark Legion. Please let me know and I would be happy to Paypal shipping to you.


  3. I would love the two sets of face-huggers. My ZIP is 55433. contact me via the email I listed.

    Thanks, GSV

    • Hi GSV,

      If there’s interest in the other set, which one would you prefer, guns or no guns?

      • No guns.

  4. I would love your Warzone lots 1 and 2! I love Dark Legion and could definitely put them to good use. This is the second time I post this, because my first disappeared. Sorry for the repeat.



  5. Two Jasons for Warzone, with three minutes between you two! As Mr. Penick was first, he may choose whether he wants lot 1 or lot 2, with Jason the Second getting the other one.

    Thanks for the interest!

    • If they’re still available, I’d be interested in Lot 1, the grunts.

  6. On second thought, I didn’t see that you are in Finland! I will bow out on those Warzone lots.


    • Like I commented on TMP, postage should be around 1-1,50€. Still interested?

  7. I’d love to take lots 6 and 7 8^)

    • You just missed lot 7, but 6 is yours!

      • Thanks

      • OK, any ideas what kind of service they went by?

        Am I panicking too early about their none appearance?

      • Hi,

        They were shipped by economy, and there was a strike at the Finnish postal service, which has probably delayed them somewhat. They should be on their way!

  8. Hey Mikko

    If nobody has made a claim for the oddball facehuggers with guns yet then I will take them off your hands.

    LMK and I will get you PayPal-ed.

    • And they’re yours, Paul!

      • Great thanks, very kind.

        • No problem, here’s looking forward to something similar on someone else’s blog 😉

      • Armed Facehuggers arrived this morning, in all their weird glory.

        Hopefully they will be getting up to some weaponised face-hugging at a tabletop not so near you at some point soon.

        Thanks again.

        • Glad to hear they arrived safely! Give them a loving home, will you.

  9. Hey Mikko!

    I’m not interested in any of the sets, as my focus is mainly on zombies and things that tie to this. I really just wanted to show my appreciation and say that this is a very nice thing of you to do.


    • Hi, Mikko.

      I’m interested in the Guard&Squat,
      as well as the headless wood elves & Dark Elves. Are they still available?

      Kind regards,


      • Hi!

        Since the post has now been online for a few days and no one has claimed them, they’re yours.

    • Thanks Tobbe, that really means a lot to me!

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