The Walking Dead official trailer

August 25, 2010

While it has been making rounds as bootlegs of various quality shot in this year’s Comic Con, the trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead has finally been released.

I’m probably not wrong in thinking that this is a dream come true for a lot of zombie fans out there, yours truly included. The Walking Dead is THE zombie comic on the market, and to see it turned into a tv series of one hour long episodes is just excellent.

Sorry if I sound like a brainless fanboi, but it looks absolutely perfect. There’s no other way to describe it. It even has the guy from Love Actually in it!

The series premieres on this year’s Halloween, I can’t wait.

More info on AMC’s official The Walking Dead site.


  1. It is hard not to sound like a blind fanboy with regard to this project. The care and attention gone into it is palpable and it has the potential to be absolutely top notch.

    In fact, I have such high hopes for the finished product that I am starting to think that it cant but disappoint compared to my unreasonably high expectations.

    Fingers crossed… this is a big one.


    • There is a chance for disappointment there, definitely. Then again there are series with much worse scripts (assuming that they broadly follow the comic) that are still very enjoyable to watch – say True Blood for example.

      This series just might be like pizza, which is still pretty good even when it isn’t.


      • Like the pizza analogy 🙂 Hmmmm, pizza…


  2. While I don’t know about the comic books, this trailer (especially this proper version) looks great. My expectations are high, wit Band of Brothers and the Pacific imho having set high standards regarding production values and dramaturgy.
    But I trus Darabont and Hurd 🙂
    Now the big question is: When will this be on German tv (And I don’t mean pay ty!)? Should a DVD be out before that (as with BoB), I know where my money will go…
    As for zombies on tv, everyone who hasn’t seen it yet, should get the British series Dead Set!


  3. […] here are some fresh new clips from the upcoming The Walking Dead zombie tv-series. Just like the long trailer, they make me want a lot more. These short trailers, they’re such a tease! They should call […]


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