Happy birthday dear me!

August 20, 2010

I have now officially reached the considerable age of 28, meaning that I still have two years left before my beard starts creeping neckwards. I will celebrate by heading to our summer cottage with my gaming group for three days of beer and boardgaming. This is the first time I actually get to play with an almost full Aliens Space Hulk conversion. Some of the other games that will hit the table are Small World (which is definitely worth buying, amazing fun!), Arkham Horror and World of Warcraft. Maybe Blood Bowl, Settlers of Catan, Civilization, Gloom and Zombies!!! as well.

Thanks to all you readers out there, you really make blogging worthwhile!


As a birthday present a friend shared this. Cheerful, uplifting and hilarious!


  1. Happy birthday Mikko! Wish you the best gaming weekend with lots of beer and great company. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday!
    Do we get to see your SpaceHulk in action?


  3. My one game of Small World was great. I am looking forward to giving it another go soon.

    Happy birthday Mikko. Make sure to take some photos of Aliens Space Hulk in action.


  4. Happy Birthday,have a good time and a good blog.


  5. Happy Birthday!
    All I can say is DAMN! I wish I was 28 again.. sigh
    I wish I had SH. I play with a friend who has it and it is one sweet little game.


  6. Thanks for all the wishes, it was a great weekend! Space Hulk pictures are on the way, assuming they came out ok.


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