Five by five

July 23, 2010

My Space Hulk Colonial Marines are nearing completion. As I just finished the second squad, all I have left to paint are the Librarian (combat synth) and the lightning claw terminator (powerloader), expect to see them soon. This is bordering on amazing, I’ve only dreamed of actually completing a project!

Here are the newest three Marines:

Click for a larger version

This is squad #1, representing a terminator squad with a power sword -armed sergeant and a heavy flamer:

Click for a larger version

And this is squad #2, with a sergeant armed with a thunder hammer and storm shield (shotgun), an assault cannon trooper (smartgun) and a chainfist (blowtorch) trooper:

Click for a larger version

With this I’m off to Ropecon 2010, Finland’s biggest roleplaying convention, to enjoy a weekend of sheer nerd heaven. Which basically means a few panel discussions, some board games and drinking beer with old friends.


  1. Wow looking like the Ultimate bad asses….
    Been Working on my own Aliens Project again
    (wanted to do it for like 15 years…bought some Em-4 Marines back when I was in secondary school….
    nice inspiration…will be building a colony during the winter…. also sculpting me some aliens at some point soon, now that my skills at sculpting are upto an ok standard

    Keep it up!
    and as Sarge says “A day in the Corp is like a day on the farm every meal a banquet every paycheck a fortune”


    • Thanks for the comment! Glad to provide some inspiration. Be sure to let me know when you get your project rolling.


  2. […] course wargamers. I’m in the first and third groups (cosplay? heavens, no), and have posted a fair few times about Colonial Marines (from here on referred to as CMs). With lots of people out there […]


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