Zombiewalk Helsinki 2010

May 16, 2010

The Zombiewalk phenomenon is fairly new, and kind of intriguing. It’s interesting in the sense, that like flash mob events – that Zombiewalks could actually be classed as – it basically serves no purpose, but instead is simply doing something for the fun of it.

This year’s Zombiewalk was the sixth in Helsinki, and took place on a beautiful, sunny Saturday. There was a fairly large turn-up of one hundred or so (plus one dog), and the zombie horde made for an imposing sight. While I didn’t take part in the actual walk, I took some photos of the event, displayed below. To be a nit-picker, I’d have preferred a little more in-character shuffling. Zombies leisurely walking along and texting or sipping beer just seem to lack something essential. Oh well. Zombies will be zombies.

Due to silly code in WordPress’ gallery app, you might want to open the photos in new tabs, as they currently open in this window.

Even with years of zombie experience, there are two things that I learned yesterday:

  1. Without the noise, a zombie horde is almost indistinguishable from a crowd of living people if viewed from 100-200m away. Better remember this when the inevitable apocalypse hits.
  2. Judging from the composition of the horde, when the zombies take over, cute young girls are the first to go. Don’t be one.


  1. A friend of mine yesterday sent me the following YouTube link of the recent Dublin zombie walk. I wasnt in attendance but judging by the clip it appears that there was a fair bit of “in character” behaviour.

    There is a L4D Hunter in there at some point too. The people involved look like they are having fun at least. There seems to be quite a large number of them too, which always helps with the look.


    • Zombie walks seem to be a pretty common thing nowadays, certainly looks like a lot of effort is getting put in some of the costumes. The Hunter was a great touch!


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