Bargain Zombies

November 27, 2009

Every now and then you run into something that is simply so AWESOME (notice all caps), that you can’t justify passing it by. For me this something – or the latest in line – was a t-shirt that I found on Threadless, named The Horde. It’s designed by Aled Lewis, and features the wonderful image below of a lone survivor stalling the inevitable. That’s just so amazingly AWESOME that I had to order two. The price? 6€ each, due to Threadless’ holiday sale.

Click to go to Threadless

I suggest you browse through the Threadless site. There are loads of cool t-shirts and hoodies available, and The Horde isn’t the only one available with a zombie theme, check out Zombie Food and The Red for two fine examples.

I haven’t made up my mind on the Wargames Factory plastic zombies. They look okay(ish) in some pictures, and utterly terrible in others. Some people in the hobby are calling them the most AWESOME thing since the last one, while others are stomping them to the ground for all their faults.

Being a zombie (and a miniature) blogger, I felt that I simply had to know first hand. With Wargames Factory having their Black Friday free shipping day, I put in an order for two zombie packs. With the Euro so strong vs. USD, the price for the 48 miniatures amounted to a little over 20€. If they’re truly horrible, it’s not a big loss, and if they’re ok, I just bought me 48 miniatures for under 0.50€ each. It’s not like I have other miniatures waiting to get painted, right?

Click to go to Wargames Factory

This should give me my zombie fix for a while, and for a pittance too. I’m slowly getting back on track with my painting as well, so I hope to get back to more frequent posting in the near future!


  1. I have the Wargames Factory zombies and I can definitely say that they are lacking some detail. For the low price though they are still a bargain and good for bulking out a zombie collection.

    Obviously the minis _can_ look great if you’re a master painter, as seen on their homepage: http://www.wargamesfactory.com/_product_16676/Zombie_Horde. A lot of the details from these pictures lies actually in the paint job, which is excellent. They put my own painted Wargames Factory zombies to shame: http://apeekaboo.blogspot.com/search/label/wargames%20factory (sorry about the glossy pics…)

    The poor sculpts makes it difficult to see what’s going in with the clothes. What the sculpts lack, you have to make up for with painting talent. You have to paint in missing details as collars etc, and decide for yourself how the clothes are hanging.

    Cool t-shirt links. I have to check them out!


  2. Great T-shirts, Mikko. I’ve just checked out the website you mentioned and I’m sorely tempted.

    I recently ordered the Wargames Factory zombies myself. Peekaboo is absolutely right. They are lacking in detail but I’m confident of my painting ability to make them look good. On the plus side, they are not as small as I thought they might be so they fit in well with other manufacturer’s ranges. I plan on doing a full review on my own blog sometime soon.

    Good to hear that you’ve got your painting mojo back!


    • It’s reassuring to hear such a comment. I think I’ll be able to pull them off with painting, too. I’m thinking of making zombie hordes out of them, anyway, mounting them 10-11 to old cd’s. That should draw away attention from the individual minis, too.


  3. Found you!
    The shirts are very cool, but they are already sold out of most the Men’s sizes and I don’t think I’m getting into a girly shirt. I’m also tempted to get a couple for the girls for xmas.


    • I suggest you enter your email into the “ask for a reprint” box. The Horde has apparently been very popular, and has been reprinted at least once already, so I’m pretty certain it’ll get reprinted again.


  4. Thats a nice shirt alright.

    Personally, my favourite zombie related Threadless shirt is “In Case of Zombies”. It reminds me of the “In Case of Emergency” card that features in “Fight Club”, except, obviously, its about zombies.

    I havent got around to getting any Wargames Factory zombies, but like yourselves I am happy enough to pick up a few if I get the opportunity. I have been painting KingZombie plastic zombies recently. While they are not the best zombie miniatures that I have ever seen by a long way, they do make up for a certain amount of that with heaps of character. The WF guys are very bland looking IMO.

    Cant argue with the price however.


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