Survival of the Dead

July 22, 2009

The title for George Romero’s newest zombie flick – so far called only [blank] of the Dead – has been announced, and it’s Survival of the Dead.  This from mania.com:

“Survival” is a direct tie-in with Romero’s 2007 film, Diary of the Dead. Alan Van Sprang will resume the role of Crockett, last seen giving militia supplies to the film students. The film also stars Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe, Athena Karkanis, Joris Jarsky and Devon Bostick. Romero is directing, based on a story he wrote. No word yet on when it will hit American theaters.

Plot Concept: In a world where the dead rise to menace the living, rogue soldier Crocket (Alan Van Sprang) leads a band of military dropouts to refuge from the endless chaos. As they search for a place “where the shit won’ t get you,” they meet banished patriarch Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh), who promises a new Eden on the fishing and ranching outpost Plum Island. The men arrive, only to find themselves caught in an age-old battle between O’Flynn’s family and rival clan the Muldoons. It turns out that Patrick was expelled from the isle for believing that the only good zombie is a dead zombie, while the Muldoons think it’s wrong to dispatch afflicted loved ones, attempting to look after their undead kinfolk until a cure is found. But their bid for stability on the homestead has turned perverse: the undead are chained inside their homes, pretending to live normal lives – and the consequences are bloody. A desperate struggle for survival will determine whether the living and the dead can coexist.

The movie premiers at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

After the okayish Land of the Dead and the disappointing Diary of the Dead (yes, opinions differ on both), it’ll be interesting to see what Romero comes up with. The idea is interesting, and I can’t wait to see what is done with it. The idea of people desperately taking care of the infected is nothing new though, as it has been explored in zombie culture before with Robert Kirkman’s excellent comic The Walking Dead coming to mind first.

While I’m fairly sceptical, a new zombie movie is always a new zombie movie, and Romero is still a fine filmmaker even if his heavy-handed social commentary is growing a bit tiresome.

To top up the post here”s a few movie stills. I have to admit, they look like a lot of fun might be coming our way.





  1. “his heavy-handed social commentary is growing a bit tiresome”

    It certainly is. He may be the father of the modern zombie and all that but his movies really are sub par, even in the context of the very often poor zombie genre.

    The plot concept looks like another opportunity for Romeros zombies to be filled with “personality” too, as in Land of the Dead. That doesnt fill me with enthusiasm to be honest.

    Doghouse and in particular Zombieland look to me like they will be more entertaining.


    • I still love the original Night, Dawn and Day. Dawn, especially is for me THE zombie movie and not even for nostalgic reasons.

      My main problem with Romero’s newer flicks is the constant underlining of social issues. In Dawn the critique of consumerism is evident but not blatant enough to become annoying, and in Day the critique of militarism and blind faith in science can somewhat be attributed to individuals.

      However, Land gets annoying with its live and let live view of zombies (“they’re just looking for a home”? They’re zombies ferchrissake!) and attack on class division. And Diary takes the grand prize for constantly reminding us how media corrupts our view of the world and corrupts our view of the world and oh, media corrupts our view of the world.

      Let’s just hope he can keep it more subtle, but as I mentioned, I remain sceptical.


  2. Honestly, I thought Diary of the Dead was great. The right amount of action, character, and that expected message. So I am looking forward to the next entry.

    Land of the Dead just left me cold. Too much action, seemed sort of forced.


  3. Irrespective of the reviews it gets I’ll still go and see it. Even a bad Romero zombie film is worth seeing and in my opinion he’s only made one duffer – Diary of the Dead. But even that had scenes in that I liked immensely (especially the zombie being dissolved by acid). Night was great, Dawn was the best zombie movie ever made, Day was the second best zombie film ever made and Land was thoroughly enjoyable as an action movie and far better on DVD (the DVD has extra gore and an 18 certificate not a 15).


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